New Zune HD Renders Surface: Fake Fan Art or For Real?

Illustration for article titled New Zune HD Renders Surface: Fake Fan Art or For Real?

These lack the polish and Zune-y color styling of the last leak, which leads me to believe these very well may be the work of a frothing Zune-guy-in-training. But the production levei is high.

The shots surfaced on WM Power User with no real certificate of authenticity. And the accompanying specs carry the scent of fandom—with built-in HDMI, HD radio and integration with Xbox Live Arcade games in "3D". Still, despite some funky overlapping graphics on the screen and some pixelation here and there, whoever made these did a good job interpreting the concept art we saw from a different angle. [WM Power User]

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Seriously.... I feel like I am the only one who is excited about the Zune Phone! Just the idea of not being tied down to apple blows me away. I know Android is great, but the average Joe has no clue how to use it, and the Palm being only on Sprint isn't going to have near the impact the iphone does.

I AM SUPER PUMPED for anything Zune Phone related. I just can't wait till this St*ff gets real