New Zune Software and Firmware Available

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To all of the Giz readers who own first gen Zunes, your Zune 2.0 is available for download now. For a less cryptic version of exactly what we mean, hit up our hands-on with Microsoft's free upgraded Zuneware. For everyone else who doesn't care, we are so, so sorry for distracting you from what looks to be an otherwise productive workday. Did you make those little post-it airplanes? Nice. [ via gadgetlab]




Just so everyone knows, the EQ is still there in the firmware update, so you can relax.

Downloaded the new software, have the same gripes. I hate that it no longer searches as you type, a feature that i hated at first, but grew to love.

Another bitch, music videos rank in at around $2/pop. How bout that shit? Yah, that's going to go over REAL well. But, I guess if you're that big of a fan, one or two videos won't be that bad.

Podcasts, so far, great. Although I don't see anywhere to manually ad podcasts as per what was released a week or two ago. On the upside, best week ever is one of the available video podcasts, among many many others.

The video podcasts look great.

Overall, a smooth experience, but there's a few features they shouldn't have gotten rid of (smart playlists, ranking system, dynamic searching), but the UI is still pretty nice.

Overall, not an improvment, to be frankly honest. It looks nicer, but they need to allow customers to choose the features they deactivate. Make them advanced menu options, I don't care. I understand that the idea is to make it simpler for users, but the advanced users are left out in the cold.

Oh, and one more plus, you can now set TV out to PAL. So, Canadians, start crossing the border or calling friends in the US. If any Canuks need someone to send them a Zune, send me a message.