If you've seen one of the more recent trailers for BioShock Infinite or Jack Reacher, then you've probably heard Nico Vega though you might not have heard of them before that. I randomly stumbled onto this video shortly after it dropped on YouTube in early 2009. And they've been one of my favorite bands ever since.

Nico Vega is a quartet based in LA but Aja Volkman, the lead singer, is from Oregon, my home state. And the original drummer, Michael PeƱa, is the same guy from Crash and End of Watch. The band was also named after PeƱa's mother but he left in 2007 to pursue his acting career.


Anyway, Wooden Dolls and this particular video remain a favorite of mine for its bootstrap production value and Volkman's gritty vocals. If the opportunity to seem them at a show should arise in the new year, I highly suggest you seize that opportunity. They put on a great show and Aja likes to get crazy on stage. And if you dig this track, then watch this cover of House of the Rising Sun. This is a fun one, too. [Spotify, Amazon, iTunes]