Night At The Museum 2 Trailer Has Adorable Amy Adams And Terrible Stiller-isms

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The first Night At The Museum was a whimsical little fantasy flick for all ages — except for Ben Stiller's obnoxious delivery. Can new additions Amy Adams and Bill Hader rescue the sequel?


Call me picky, but the "bob, bop blah, blah bip bip" stuttering, talking-over someone humor that Ben Stiller cranks out in every movie irritates the crap out of me. He's a wonderful straight man kind of actor and even better as a Tom Cruise stand in. But once he starts ripping his patented chripy bips and boops, I'm lost. There is a beyond perfect example of this in the Night Of The Museum 2 trailer, when the Lincoln Memorial comes to life and bip bops through a pretty spot on one-liner. It's sort of funny, but nails on the chalk board for me.

Despite the Stiller-isms, I still have high hopes for Amy Adams as Amelia Earhart, and the same goes for Bill Hader as General George Armstrong Custer. (Please start casting Hader in more things, he's hilarious). Adams commits to any character she's given, and no doubt will make this sequel as sweet as anything. If you haven't seen the original, I highly recommend it as a holiday rental that both you and the wee ones will enjoy. In spite of stammering Stiller.

Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian is out in May of 2009.



Stiller downgrades everything he's in to a rental title for me. That said, the first Night At the Museum was pretty good (in spite of Stiller, I would argue).