Nike, iPod Sport Mini Roundup

Just a mere day after the Nike iPod sensor was released there are already reviews, news, mods and pictures out the wazoo. Hit the jump for all of the new shizzle, fo rizzle.


Right off the bat I would like to cordially invite you to go view Katie, of Shiny Shiny fame's, review of the sporty iPod unit. Not only because it is a good review, but because Katie is extra sexy and has an extra sexy accent. Hearing a girl with an accent talk about gadgets can really get me riled up. Check out the reviews here and here.

Next up, the guys over at TEWKS decided to dissect the iPod sensor and put the scantily clad images on the internet for the world to see. It is really just a tiny circuit board and and a circular disc sensor. Nothing too spectacular, but hit up the link here for all of the images.

Lastly, reader Jim has already busted out the razor and has done a little modding with his Nike iPod kit.

Just to let you know, I bought the kit last night at my local Apple store and went to town on my old pair of New Balance with a razor and pliers last night. Took all of 5 minutes to cut a shape slightly smaller than the transmitter in the same place as was shown in the pix of the Nike+ shoes. I wedged it in, slid the insole back in, ran my usual 2 mile route. It worked just fine and I the shoe didn't Feel Different. I suppose it would work with some sort of pocket on the laces, too.


Nice work, Jim.

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