Nike Shoes Get Outfitted With Wii Balance Board Controls

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Nike recently challenged 78 artists to remix and adapt the function of Nike shoes. Nick Marsh, one of the contestants, took a pair of Air Maxes and imported the internals of a Wii Balance Board to turn his shoes into controllers.

He placed the Balance Board sensors in the soles of the shoes and re-jiggered some wires to turn Air Maxes into a working Balance Board. According to Nick, the shoes work like this:

The user simply puts on the shoes, turns on the balance board/shoes (nike-wiis) and then plays as normal, except it's not a normal way to play. As you are now physically attached the to the board, the actions have changed, you can no longer simply step off, so you must lift your foot and stand on one leg or sit down when no pressure is required, making for an altogether interestingly different experience.


In action, having shoes as a controller is actually sorta intense:

Nick readily admits that it's not the prettiest shoe on the block but the more important thing is that these shoe controllers really work, and looks to give you a better exercise than Wii Fit ever dreamed of. [Nick Marsh via DVICE]

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Nike makes the best shoe that has ever shod my foot. Not like my 4" heels, but sexy in their own right.

Does Wii make any games I can play in the spike heels?