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Nikon D3x 24-Megapixel DSLR in December?

Illustration for article titled Nikon D3x 24-Megapixel DSLR in December?

The latest on Nikon's long-rumored 24MP D3x DSLR is about as barebones as they get, simply stating: "Went to dinner with Nikon this week. The Nikon D3X is due in December 08" and reiterating that it'll use the same massive full-frame sensor as Sony's A900, as we expected when it first came out, since Nikon has long used Sony sensors (like in the D300). It's also the second time a December date has been mentioned. Nikon rumors are among those most often proven right because they're so goddamn leak-prone, so don't be surprised if it happens, but don't bank on it either, since you should, you know, never trust rumors. [AV Forums via Photography Bay]


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great. so, does that mean it will actually take a picture of the subject, actually as the photographer truly intended?