Nikon D3 Firmware Update Reveals 24-Megapixel D3x, Already in the Wild

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Nikon's flagship full-frame DSLR, the D3, is a lot of things, but a megapixel warrior it is not, shooting a mere 12.1MP to other flagship DSLRs' 20+. Nikon said it was avoiding the pointless megapixel war. But the latest firmware update for the D3 turns up a string for the "D3x" containing the image sizes "6048x4032 24.4 M" and "5056x4032 20.4 M." Given that everyone else is speeding along pro DSLRs with 20+ megapixels, the D3x probably exists, and shares common code w/ the D3. Nikon expert Thom Hogan goes further, suggesting the reason it's in the code is because "there are some D3 bodies out there with the new sensor being tested." That's right, the new DSLR king, out there, right now. [DP Review via Gadget Lab]