Sony's Next Gen Alpha A900 DSLR: 25 Megapixels, Due By September

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Sony's Alpha A900 practically blew us away when we first had an opportunity to grope it, which was way back during PMA '08 in January. Well, it looks like the Sony lads are again showing off their 25MP full-frame pro sensor toting DSLR in Japan, along with a launch date of August/September. Our pals at Master Chong were able to grab a whole slew of new images of the device, as well as shots of the neat looking, clear-bodied iteration pictured above. [Master Chong; Thanks, Felix]




25 mega-pixels or not... The unfortunate thing about this camera seems to be the lenses available for it. Many of the reviews on these Sony/Zeiss lenses have not been very favorable. Nikon, Pentax and Canon all offer some pretty nice lenses. Just because a lens comes from "Zeiss" does not automatically make it good. Each manufacturer seems to offer low cost lenses with below average performance. They also offer premium lenses which tend to cost a lot more. The most expensive ones don't automatically deliver the best results either. I suggest reading the product reviews from professional sources like [] or Steve's Digicams before you invest in an expensive camera like this. You are not just buying a camera... You are investing in a system.