Nikon D80 Hands-On Video Preview

Here's a live video on what the Nikon D80 looks like in the hands of a real person. At least we think she's real—we've never actually seen a female in person before.


She mostly restates the features we listed before, but it's nice to see how big the screen, body, and lens is in case you wanted to pick one up soon.

One Minute Video Preview: Nikon D80 [Shiny Shiny]


Hi all, I'm still a bit uncomfortable shooting these things and I did say when I posted it up on Shiny Shiny that it's not the slickest bit of video ever made. Point the camera at me and I tend to forget even the most basic specs (especially when I'm aware that I'm taking up the Nikon PR's time), but I'm sure I'll improve the more I do. I should just point out, though, that I didn't shoot it as a review - I'd only just got hold of one of the 3 product samples and stole off into the hallway to shoot a quick preview so our readers could see how big it was etc.