Nikon D90's DSLR Video Capture Mode Confirmed In Pictures

Illustration for article titled Nikon D90s DSLR Video Capture Mode Confirmed In Pictures

Nikon Rumors' D90-toting tipster sent them this juicy shot, which appears to confirm the rumored video recording mode on the D90. By the looks of the display there might even be full exposure control plus ISO settings for video, which is awesome if true, and audio recording too. No word on resolution yet, but let's hope Nikon's leading the charge with DSLR movie capture modes here. [Nikon Rumors]


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Michael Scrip

I hope they don't fuck it up by making it record into some weird super-compressed format.

A $1300 camera should make video files that are easily edited in Final Cut Pro or Premiere... without the need to go through a long conversion process before you can do anything with them.

It should be a file format that is different than a $100 digicam uses.