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Nine Videos of Turkey Frying Going Horribly Wrong

Every family has a Thanksgiving tradition. Some do potluck, some oven roast their bird, and some just dunk them in a vat of boiling oil. Unfortunately, that latter tradition also forebears another time-honored holiday repast—structural fires. Here are some of the most destructively-impressive turkey tragedies of Thanksgivings past.

This is what happens when you stuff a 14-pound turkey with ice cubes, then drop it five feet into a vat of 450 degree oil (and finally remember to twist the camera right-side up).

Remember to always use baking soda to put out a grease fire. Water just spreads it around the cabana.

Should the oil be on fire to start? That doesn't seem right.

You had me at "EXPLODING TURKEY FIREBALL!" but it's always smart to use a pole—unless, of course, you aren't particularly attached to that hand.

The Naval Air Station, Whidbey Island Fire Department proves that you can, in fact, be too prepared when attempting to put a dead bird in a hot pot.

The Gwinnett County Fire Department would like to remind you to fully thaw that turkey before submersing it so they won't have to pull you from the blazing inferno that you just started.

That's it, lean waaaaaay over that pot of flaming oil, see if it's ready yet. Because, really, who needs facial hair? At 1:56 mark to watch him remember his safety gear—better late than never!

Putting your turkey fryer on anything with wheels should be avoided almost as stringently as putting it within two feet of your garage.

This just, I don't even. Well, at least he had plenty of dirt ready to dump on the bird.

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That reminds me.......I have to go to the garage and find the bolt cutters to cut that damn chastity belt off the ankles of my turkey.