Nintendo 3DS Might Use Parallax Barrier Displays Developed by Sharp

Illustration for article titled Nintendo 3DS Might Use Parallax Barrier Displays Developed by Sharp

Electronics manufacturer Sharp has been working on some new 3.4-inch, 480 x 854 pixel parallax barrier displays. Such displays allow you to view 3D images without needing to wear goofy glasses and happen to be perfect for the 3DS.


The need for special glasses is eliminated because the parallax barrier "has a series of vertical slits [and] is incorporated into an ordinary LCD to control the path of light reaching the right and left eyes, thus creating a sense of depth."

It's not certain if these displays will be used in Nintendo's next toy, but based on the timing and technology it would certainly be a reasonable guess. [Sharp via Engadget Japanese via Engadget]


Falsoman el Garabatero

I belive people are expecting too much of the 3DS... The handheld most likely won't be more expensive than 250 bucks. It's dubious it's gonna be above 200... And nintendo doesn't sell below cost.

So having integrated memory, two of those 3d displays and a Tegra 2 chipsets, besides the couple of cameras... It just seems that people are expecting too much from this console.

They may however get some custom made screens of those with a lower pixel count. Or not use this tech what so ever and go with the "3D without glasses" that the two incorporated cameras can offer right now.

However I would love to be wrong!