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Nintendo 3DS Probably Won't Harm Kids' Eyes

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

After Nintendo warned the world that it's upcoming 3DS portable might ruin the eyes of kids under 6, eye specialists are skeptical that such a device will have any physical effect whatsoever on children. Is Nintendo just covering their ass, legally speaking?


Speaking to multiple Opthamologists around the country, they nearly all agreed that their research has shown that current 3D technology has no effect on children. One doctor spent three months forcing baby monkeys to wear 3D glasses and stare at 3d videos and images for extended period of time. It had no effect on their vision.

Another doctor said that it wouldn't have much of an effect on their eyesight, but it would probably kill their attention span because of overstimulation, and another concluded that the increased processing of information could cause brain fatigue.


Nintendo is probably just preventing any potential lawsuits that may arise, so go rush and get that 3DS when it comes out. 3D is fine for the eyes, and bad for the minds. [NY Times]