Illustration for article titled Nintendo 3DS Speed Will Be Close To PS3 and Xbox 360s...Apparently

Speed has been one of the oft-talked about points of the upcoming 3DS, but according to "several developers" who spoke to IGN, it'll have processing speeds similar to that of the PS3 and Xbox 360.


IGN said they've heard the speed of the 3DS will "far exceed the Nintendo Wii," which runs on an IBM Broadway 90nm SOI CMOS processor, clocked at 729MHz. The 3DS has been rumored to include an NVIDIA Tegra chip, but IGN's developer sources have told the website those rumors are actually false.

Anyone else get the feeling these 3DS rumormongerers are just throwing any old much-hoped-for spec at the launch, hoping something will stick? [IGN via Kotaku]


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