Nintendo DS Getting Downloadable Media in Japan

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The Nintendo DS is about to get even more multifunctional in Japan, as a new media download service is set to launch in the land of the rising sun for the DS. Featuring a microSD to DS cartridge adapter, the service will allow people to download books, videos, and manga for viewing on their DS's. The service, called DSVision, is set to launch in March with 300 available titles but plan to bump that up to 10,000 by 2010. The initial kit will run $37, with media running about $10 a pop. [New Launches via Slashgear]



they need to just release an all-in-on add on for storing games, music, video, playing these book files with an interchangeable micro sd slot...i do it now, the back way using a supercard and d/l the games i already own, but i'd much rather use my wii to d/l the games onto first party hardware.

i've mentioned this before, but i think it'd be awesome to get a digital right to d/l card in your ds game box, enter the serial on a wii channel and away you go, or pay an extra $10 and d/l it to every ds in my house (3).