Nintendo Making 1.8 Million Wiis Per Month, Shortages Will Continue

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Nintendo knows lots of people want a Wii this holiday season. Well, don't worry! They're pumping them out at a rate of 1.8 million a month, which should be far less than demand! Yep, that's 1.8 million for the whole world, not just America. So, uh. Yeah, I got nothing. Sorry kids, but Santa doesn't control the production schedule. Just be happy with your Funstation 3. [Next Gen via Kotaku]


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I don't even know if you'll read this but here goes:

(1) I think you're losing track of what we're arguing about. I put out the numbers and said that it was "not bad". Strictly speaking, "phenomenal" is a subset of "not bad" so we're not even in disagreement there, but you're the one that insisted that "not bad" was not good enough. I had to admit that it was a "considerable feat", and that's what I'm not going to do.

(2) Oh COME ON. I know the two companies are different in size. But how much of that SONY electronics conglomerate prowess can Sony, at any given time, devote to the production of their Playstation line? I mean, can they suddenly convert their LCD factories to PS2 assembly lines if the market demand is there? The overall difference in size won't tell you much at all. Instead, compare apples to apples. How many PSPs does Sony product per month? How many DS/DS-lites does Nintendo produce per month?.

By the way, Playstations are a product of SCEI (Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.), not some nebulous entity called "SONY". Compare the corporate specs:

SCEI: []

Nintento (in Japanese): []

So, almost same number of direct employees (1200 for SCEI, 1400 for Nintendo), and Nintendo's capitalization is around 5 times that of SCEI (2 billion yen for SCEI, 10 billion yen for Nintendo).

So, tell me who's the underdog again?

(3) Oh now you're completely inventing shit now. Again, go back to what I've written. The only thing I've said are that the 1.8 mil/mo number is "not that bad" but I'm not impressed with it (and in the process of not being impressed by it, I have lost interest in buiyng it).

Translated by you, that becomes me blaming Nintendo for not being able to conjure up Wiis out of thin air, and somehow I'm also a conspiracy theorist.