If you read what Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata said about Wii shortages this holiday season and didn't get angry, well, you're not paying enough attention. Forbes paraphrases him as saying "demand for the device in the U.S. is unusually high in contrast to either Europe or Asia," which is why you might not be able to get one this Christmas. Oh really?

It's because demand is so high here that Wiis only sit on shelves for about an hour before they're bought when people in Europe have been saying they can walk in to stores and buy a Wii at any time of day? It's not because you're allocating more inventory on your products to Europe and Japan because the weak US dollar is causing smaller revenues on units sold here? So when you say, "What I can commit myself to is that Nintendo is going to do its best to supply as many Wii hardware units as possible in order to meet demand there," we don't have reason to think that you're a liar and kind of a scumbag? Gotcha. [Forbes via Kotaku]


Jesus's take:

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