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Our pasty-faced and pencil-necked in-laws at Kotaku uncovered a possible strap-on steering wheel peripheral for the upcoming Nintendo Wii that might just add a new dimension to car chasing on the game console. According to Wii watchers at Go Nintendo:

"Ubisoft's Japan-developed GT Pro Series—which may or may not be a Wii launch title, depending on where you get your information from—will come with an attachment of some sort that will make it a 'must-have'. We're guessing a clip-on steering wheel. Developed by the people behind the GT Advance series, the game will include over 80 licensed vehicles."


Who cares about the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360? We've got Wii! Or, we will, someday, and probably on time, too.

Wii Strap-On Steering Wheel? [Kotaku]