Nintendo's Miyamoto Smack Talks Sony and Microsoft's Motion Controls, Plus More

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We're at a Q&A session at E3 with Nintendo's wizard Shigeru Miyamoto.

Asked about Sony and Microsoft's motion controls revealed earlier this week, through a translator he said that Nintendo's policy is to actually do development and figure out how the hardware is going to be used with software before making an announcement.

Oooo smack talk. But he admitted it took them a while to finish Wii MotionPlus. He also said that until it reaches that level of completion it's impossible to make any sort of judgment about them.

Talking about the vitality sensor, he said it's a device he's interested in because it's a different kind of interface, versus something you do with your own will—you step on to a Balance Board, but can you control your own pulse? He's thinking of something like that, that's hard to control, controlling it through something like yoga.


And what about Wii Speak? If they have a game that lends itself to using Wii Speak, that's something they're always looking for. Translated from PR speak that means approximately nothing.


Though, what the hell does that lead to? About 10 years ago, he used one of those gimmick gadgets that lets you control a robot with your brain waves. So he and Iwata put it on and put this on and were thinking about how to use it—like a new Pokemon game. "New devices open doors to new creativity." In other words, the Wii peripheral parade won't ever stop. Ever.