Nippon Airways Readying Wireless Flight Check-In System

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Japan's Nippon Airways are set to implement a wireless check-in system to ease the usually lengthy process. The scheme, dubbed SKIP!, shall be trialed next month and will allow passengers to check in using a microchip, containing personal information, they are issued with before flying.


Passengers may book their tickets via the Internet using either a computer or mobile phone. The ticket, once issued, can then be downloaded to either a supplied IC-chip enabled mileage card or a compatible mobile phone. On arrival at the airport the mobile phone, or IC-card, is passed across a scanner and the traveller is then all set for the security line checks. That's it! Getting rid of check-in sounds like an awesome idea, but it seems this system may open up unnecessary security risks. Then again, given there are security measures post check-in anyway, it probably is not that much of an issue. Less waiting around sounds good to us; being out in the open, away from power sockets, is frankly too much for us to handle. [Boy Genius Reports].



Southwest Airlines has had "print your own ticket" for a few year. If I have no luggage to check, only carry-on, I go directly to the security checkpoint: no check-in at all until I board.

What does this wireless thing do that any self-printed ticket won't? Can the guards at the security checkpoint read my wireless ticket? If not, then I'll have to print one anyway.

Will it check in my luggage wirelessly, too, or do I send it through the Intertubes the night before my plane leaves?

I'm really wondering here, because it just seems like a senseless hi-tech gimmick.