No iTunes Gift Cards For Your $100 'Early iPhone Owners' Store Credit

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We bought iPhones here on Day One, and were delighted to see the offer of a $100 store credit from Apple when the company cut the price of that product by $200. But there was a rude awaking here at the Giz when we ordered up some stuff and included a $25 iTunes gift card in the mix. It turns out that Apple is not letting you use these gift cards toward a store credit. Sure, the info about this is buried deep inside the Apple Store's legal mumbo jumbo, but you'd think the company would have made the info more prominent. That's why we're telling you here. Gee thanks, Apple. Read the fine print, everyone. Caveat emptor. [Apple]

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@1fella: Yes, I got about $108.38 (which includes the NY sales tax). This does NOT make us whole, as it leaves out the other $8.38 in tax. Also, I would gladly forego the $100 gift cert in order to get the cash back. There's nothing I want at the Apple store right now. But I understand AmEx is doing this as a courtesy even though it's not within their policy, so for that I'm grateful and can't complain that they aren't refunding the $100 that could be obtained as a credit. They could never track the people who ask for the Apple rebate, and the alternative is too much fraud from people who get $300 back.

Not many credit card companies or other consumer companies would honor something that is outside the policy and that will cost them a lot of money (because there are so many people who will file claims for this). Thank you very much, AmEx!