No iTunes Subscriptions from the Ashes of LaLa, Just Streaming Your Library from the Cloud

Apple isn't going to use LaLa to launch a subscription service, a "variety of insider sources" have told the founder of It's exactly what we speculated: Storing your iTunes library in the cloud and access it from anywhere.


It's a bit hard to tell where his insider sources stop and his own thoughts begin, but Robertson says that the next version of iTunes will integrate one of LaLa's premiere features: scanning you entire music library, and letting you access the whole thing from the internet (it uploads any songs it doesn't already have on the service), via a "personal URL using a browser-based iTunes experience," not to mention from your iPhone.

The reason Apple didn't just build it themselves, he says, is speed. We'll probably see in September, like always with Apple and music events. [TechCrunch]

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