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No, Nobody Is Going to Use a Projector Phone to Propose

Samsung recently announced the Galaxy Beam, a phone with a projector built right in. Along with this new gadget (which looks pretty cool, btw) comes a feel-good, saccharin-laced ad aiming to entice potential customers with the wonders and possibility of phone-projection.


Oh look: a group of young, beatific souls on a camping excursion. As the night draws to a close, one of the dudes tries to impress his girlfriend with a corny slideshow-performance-thing on the side of their Winnebago. OK, we get it: Europeans, right?

Wait. The guy just proposed to her with the projection. How sweet. I just threw up in my mouth.


Hey! The Galaxy Beam actually might be kind of a cool device, and there are times and places where it might be fun to have a projector built into your phone: showing photos to friends at a bar, watching a movie in a hotel room. These are believable situations. But a proposal? Not gonna happen. Let go of our heartstrings, Samsung.[YouTube via Talk Android]

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I have serious doubts that this tiny projector could project such a clear, sharp, and bright image from a distance this video shows, no to mention the ambient light of the surroundings...

On a different note: What's with all the Samsung, Nokia, ASUS, and everything that's not Apple bashing Giz? We came to love this site because of the cool non partisan articles! They seem to be disappearing...