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No, Nobody Is Going to Use a Projector Phone to Propose

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Samsung recently announced the Galaxy Beam, a phone with a projector built right in. Along with this new gadget (which looks pretty cool, btw) comes a feel-good, saccharin-laced ad aiming to entice potential customers with the wonders and possibility of phone-projection.

Oh look: a group of young, beatific souls on a camping excursion. As the night draws to a close, one of the dudes tries to impress his girlfriend with a corny slideshow-performance-thing on the side of their Winnebago. OK, we get it: Europeans, right?


Wait. The guy just proposed to her with the projection. How sweet. I just threw up in my mouth.

Hey! The Galaxy Beam actually might be kind of a cool device, and there are times and places where it might be fun to have a projector built into your phone: showing photos to friends at a bar, watching a movie in a hotel room. These are believable situations. But a proposal? Not gonna happen. Let go of our heartstrings, Samsung.[YouTube via Talk Android]