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I don't know if I should pity Princess the Hamster or celebrate the fact that designer Crabfu has crafted an ingenious, slightly mesmerizing way for her to antagonize the family cat on an entirely new, mobile level. You'll see:

On the one hand she's still trapped in a plastic prison, and her frantic steps take her no closer to the end of what she must believe is an incredibly rewarding goal. On the other, she's part of a contraption that borders nearly on artwork; Theo Jansen-inspired artwork that allows her to venture outside her cage and into the path of the cat. Cats, which I hate.


The video follows. Before pushing play, I suggest you lower the volume slightly—excited children ahead!

I find it kind of funny that Princess hops right back into her normal wheel at the end of the video. The experience with the cat was apparently not harrowing in the least, unless this is her way of working off stress. [Crabfu via MAKE via Neatorama]

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