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No Way! This Perfect BTTF II DeLorean Replica Is Actually an Edible Cake

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You probably woke up this morning never wanting to hear about Back to the Future II ever again. That’s totally understandable, but that also puts you at risk of missing out on this life-size BTTF II time machine replica that’s actually a gigantic amazing cake.

The edible time machine was made by the folks at Tattooed Bakers to help celebrate October 21, 2015, and was on display at the Bullhorn Live software conference that took place in London yesterday.

It was an odd place to unveil such a fantastic creation, you’d more expect it to have made an appearance at Universal Studios or in Hollywood, but what’s important is that it was well documented on Instagram and Twitter for the whole world to marvel at.


If you have doubts that this DeLorean was actually made of cake and (mostly) edible, the folks at Tattooed Bakers posted this heart-breaking shot on Instagram of it being cut into pieces and devoured after it was thoroughly photographed.


[Tattooed Bakers via That’s Nerdalicious]

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