Noiseblocker NB-X-Swing Silences Those Hard Drives

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Unless you've switched to a liquid cooling system in your PC, the loudest component probably wouldn't be the hard drive, it'd be your fans. But if you have, then these NB-X-Swing hard drive silencers could be just the thing to keep you throwing your dog out of a window over drive noise.

How does this work? You screw your hard disk into the swings, mount it into an empty 5 1/4" bay, and fire up your PC. By cushioning the contact between your disk and your case, the X-Swing takes out (from xsreviews' test) all the noise generated by vibrations. You can still hear the disk spinning—it's not meant to stop that—but everything else is dead silent.

Product Page [Noiseblocker via XSReviews]

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are you not just changing the connection point here?

I mean you could do the same with a rubber band between the bracket and the hard drive. This is a waste of moneys.

oh, and if you have a liquid system, you are still likely to have a fan, just less noise because you would need less fans.