Nokia 800 Robot Dog the Brainchild of Finnish Schoolkids

This is what happens when a forward-thinking cellphone giant gets together with a bunch of its future potential customers &mdash a robot dog made from an N800. The children at a Nokia-funded school in Finland came up with this idea of having an internet tablet that doubles as a pet. [YouTube via Crave]



I hate to stir up the rivalry between engadget and gizmodo, but this has been done. The puppy even has the same face, so I assume they just used the same software which at least used to be freely available on the web. Of course I don't know if the 770 version was made by the same Finnish schoolkids, engadget wasn't that detailed in their article.


(Actually, if I didn't want to stir up the rivalry I wouldn't have linked to the engadget site, I would have linked to the youtube video or other site. I just like to see a good catfight.)