Nokia and Alpine Team Up For Ovi Maps Integration In Cars

Illustration for article titled Nokia and Alpine Team Up For Ovi Maps Integration In Cars

Ovi Maps has been a focal point for Nokia in the last few weeks since they gave it all away for free, so it's not surprising a hardware company wants to use their turn-by-turn navigation for cars.


If you've got an Alpine car system with a dashboard or speakers, then you'll be able to connect your Nokia handset by either Bluetooth or USB, with navigation displayed by Ovi Maps on the dashboard. Navigation updates and music can come through your car's speakers rather than the Nokia's puny little speaker, and even information about the fuel levels and engine health can be integrated into Ovi Maps, so if you're in need of fuel for example, Ovi Maps will tell you where the next petrol station is.


No products have been shown off just yet, but this Terminal Mode will be available on Nokia phones soon apparently—and with well over 3m downloads of the free Ovi Maps, upgrading your car system could prove very tantalizing for some. [Alpine via Engadget via SlashGear]

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No words can ever express my gratitude towards Nokia for their Ovi service.