Nokia Brings Back the 3310 Brick, Kind of

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Remember the Nokia 3310 brickish cellphone from the '90s? It's back, baby. The Nokia 3310 classic has passed through the rigorous ass-pounding by the FCC and is ready to bring back the golden-old days where the classic Nokia ringtone would ruin my movies, rather than horrible rips of crappy rap songs. The phone has been updated with support for GSM networks, a 1.3-megapixel camera, microSD expandability, and more.


Here is my problem: This "3310 Classic" looks nothing like the vintage 3310. The only similar feature is the candybar or "brick" form factor. I am thoroughly disappointed in Nokia trying to exploit the classic 3310 to hock another ho-hum cellphone.

Nokia 3310 Classic Gets FCC Nod [MobileWhack]



Is it just me, or is nostalgia for something that was spectacularly mediocre just kinda' weird? I mean, I have a GSM 3590 lying in my drawer like everyone else and it was a great phone. But it's not like it brings a tear to my eye every time I come across it...