Nokia Calls Attention to Itself by Relaunching Obsolete 3310 Dumb Phone

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HMD Global, the Finnish company that owns the rights to Nokia’s phone brand licensing for the next ten years, took the stage at MWC in Barcelona today to showcase its first full line of Nokia-branded smartphones.

The company revealed two new budget Android phones, and announced that the flagship Nokia 6 launched in China earlier this year would be getting a global release. But at the tail end of the press conference came the moment many old fans were waiting for: The return of the Nokia 3310, the company’s iconic handset known for its swappable faces, everlasting battery life, overall durability, and affordability. And snake.

The new device is very cute and looks like a sleeker, updated version of the original. HMD Global retained the keypad buttons and the general shape of the old device. On the back, we see a camera. The new phone also has a color display.


As for details about the phone’s specifications and what HMD has done to update a very rudimentary device for the modern world, we didn’t get much. The company spent less than five minutes on the new device, and only rattled off some battery life details: The new 3310 is going to have 22 hours of talk-time (LOL), and one month of standby battery life. But hey, it has Snake and the classic Nokia ringtone. Take my money!

What’s clear is that the phone won’t be much more than a “dumb phone” that it’s hard to imagine using in a world where everyone expects you to have a smartphone. But between ridiculously cheap price tag—€49 ($52)—and the nostalgia the thing evokes, it’s sure to move some units when it drops in the second quarter of this year.