Nokia Could Hit Back With A Mammoth 12-MP, 720p-Shooting N8-00 Phone Next Week

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Nokia's slashing the number of smartphone models by half this year, but at least we know one of them will be a doozy, if true: the N8-00 is rumored to sport a 12-megapixel lens and the new Symbian^3 OS.

That camera lens will be big news for Nokia, as it'll also shoot in 720p too, according to French site Tom's Guide. The touchscreen will be a capacitive multitouch affair, and will go on sale in summer if it doesn't turn out to be too good to be true.


Interestingly, speculation is also claiming Nokia's going to do a major rebrand of its series, which could prove to be a further lash of the critic-whip if it does anything other than simplify matters. Currently, it has all manner of series names and services, including XpressMusic, Classic and Navigator, but at MWC they're expected to announce a streamlined five main lines.

The C-series will be low-end candybars like Nokia's known for, the X-series will be multimedia and music-angled devices presumably all Coming With Music (if they don't kill off their music download service first). The E-series will remain the business, QWERTY range; the N-series its more premium, upmarket line and finally the S-series will be even more luxurious and limited.

With any luck some of their new devices and strategies will be revealed next week at MWC, along with the inevitable gloating over their latest financial results. I really do want things to pick up for Nokia, honest—it'd please me so much to see them do something good next week. [Tom's Guide via BGR]


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I like the idea of them streamlining their models. More, better stuff is always good. But what about high end candybars. I love my N79. That 720p slider looks pretty nice. So nice and impending that I know of a guy who just bought an N86 that's going to be really, really pissed if this comes out as soon as mentioned. Go Nokia! (and to a lesser extent, Go Symbian!)