Nokia Kills Off Ovi Music Service You Didn't Know Existed

Nokia's stab at an iTunes competitor, Ovi Music Unlimited, has spun its last track in most major markets. The subscription service never really took off here in the US, despite support from the Big Four record labels, and folded for a plethora of reasons:

Reasons behind the lackluster performance include use of older supporting handsets for the product at its launch, digital rights management (DRM) software that tied downloaded music to the device and a difficult to understand product offering.


Current customers will maintain their access to the service until their current subscription expires, and some markets—China, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey and South Africa—will continue to offer six or 12 month subscriptions.

So another iTunes competitor drops out. Your move, Spotify! Please make it quickly. [Reuters]


Pippi Longstalker

Nokia's overall implementation of their Ovi service has been incredibly stupid.

They have a software interface program: Ovi Suite, that allows you to sync the information on your phone.

They also have an app store, Ovi Store.

Are these two seamlessly integrated like iTunes?


Ovi Store is online-only, and while there are free apps, there is absolutely no way to purchase or download ANYTHING through the Ovi Suite, even though you log in to both the Suite and the website with the same Nokia account.

How do you get the apps you buy from the Ovi Store? They fucking SMS you a download link, and you have to download it across your cell provider's network instead of through any other Internet access channel.

What the fuck, Nokia?

And also, why the hell can I not connect my phone via USB to my coputer, log into Ovi suite, and bridge my home network connection to my phone?

I'm not going to pay an extra $30 per month, per line, for my wife and I to be able to access the internet from your phone, why are you making it so goddamn hard for me to connect to the internet in any other manner?