Nokia Kits Out Ford's Mustang

Ford has called in the big boys from Nokia to give their Mustang beast some serious connectivity options. Apparently, the vehicles exterior and performance based specifications remain unchanged, but the fun starts on the inside, with Nokia dropping N series goodies in every hole they could find.


The rear passenger seats both have access to N800 Internet browsers, which have been mounted into the back of each of the front seats and another N800 is added to the central console. All the N800s have the ability to stream audio to the car's stereo system, which could be cause for concern if you are traveling with your insane techno loving brethren (Mark). Of course, Internet connectivity is also provided via an on board N95, which gives access to the cloud for Gizmodo surfing happy times.

We said it before; Nokia are awesome, but they really should give someone else a go at design instead of that potato they pray to for styling cues—guys c'mon, potatoes may make an excellent source of carbohydrates, but that doesn't mean you should let them design your products. Jeez, who doesn't know that? Hit the link to see BGR's full gallery. [Boy Genius Report]


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