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Moconews is reporting that Nokia's high-end N91 phone—the hefty, metal model with a built-in 4GB hard disk—has been pushed back to the third quarter of 2006, despite originally being scheduled to ship around last Christmas. The hangup? Implementing Microsoft's Windows Media DRM, which for unstated reasons has proven more difficult for Nokia to include than they first anticipated.

There's also mention that the bundled Symtella peer-to-peer file sharing software might not be included after all. The Gnutella-based P2P software would have allowed Nokia N91 owners to share files via the phone's built-in Wi-Fi, but now Nokia's spokesperson is said to be "talking guardedly about sharing N91 playlists by Bluetooth or MMS."


Almost a year late and short features. Not good for a phone announced in April of '05.

DRM Delayed Nokia s iPod Phone [MocoNews]

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Update: Nokia tells us that while no individual country dates have been announced, the Q1 worldwide launch is still their last official target.