Nokia's Budget 3210 Is Back—Reissued by French Designers

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Not content with doing over just the Motorola StarTac, French design company Lekki has reissued Nokia's 3210, which is one of the best-selling phones in history. Why? Seems like a good time to party like it's 1999, I suppose.


The phone was one of the first models to have an internal antenna, and apart from having Snake, Memory and Rotation, it also had a whopping battery life—about 11 days, all in all.


Lekki's given it a lick of paint, a nice new boxer, and 75 Euro ($98) price-tag, for anyone sick of apps, bumpers, MMS and the megapixel race. [Lekki via Switched On Set]

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I had that phone. It did a lot of in-the-pocket calling to the first person on my contacts list.