The Motorola StarTAC is Back, in Yellow

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French company Lekki is doing something fun in the cellphone world, where every month a vintage phone will be reissued in a bright new hue. This month it's 1996's Motorola StarTAC, which is available now for $150. [Lekki via RetroToGo]


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If it was quad-band, I'd be totally game. It's a pretty classic design, and if they made a couple small changes to the software so that it was a phone + contacts + text handheld, that would be the last phone I'd ever buy.

Candybar form factors are great, but it's so unsatisfying to hang up by pressing a button. That's what I love about old landlines... slamming down the handset, and that transfers slightly to flip form factor cell phones by slamming it shut.

It's only single-band though, so.... fugghedaboutit.