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Nokia's New City Lens and Maps Make Lumia an Augmented Reality Beast

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Well this is a nice garnish Nokia's put on its new Lumia 900 superphone: an augmented reality app—called City Lens—that might actually be worth a damn. And it might make Nokia Maps the undisputed champ.

Like all AR applications, seeing is believing, but if the Lumia 920 delivers on its promise, we could have something pretty special on our hands (and in our pockets). Point your handset at a street corner, and you're met with the names of restaurants and stores, etc. in real time. It'll be integrated into Maps, as well; lift up your phone after getting directions, and the route shows up on the street in front of you. Which will be particularly dangerous for those of you who don't have a phone holder!


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