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Nokia's WP7-Powered Lumia 710 Is (Probably) Coming to T-Mobile

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

WPcentral did some digging around on the FCCs site and came up with the instruction manual for a T-Mobile branded, Windows Phone-powered Nokia Lumia 710. Sadly, no, it's not this phone, but rather this phone.

As it turns out, the actual manual for the device that comes with the phone is now online via the FCC. Scrolling through it reveals fairly standard information, but for one, it is obvious we're dealing with the 710, due to the diagrams for the phone. More revealing though is the picture above from that manual, which clearly shows a Nokia Windows Phone with T-Mobile branding on board. Doesn't get much more definitive than that, does it?


What does it all mean? With an event scheduled for December 14, the Lumia 710 is likely what they plan to announce, which I'm sure is a shot in the heart to many an American Windows Phone fanboy. But they'll probably get your killer Windows Phone soon enough. [WPcentral]