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Nook Simple Touch Now Lives Longer and Turns Pages Faster

Illustration for article titled Nook Simple Touch Now Lives Longer and Turns Pages Faster

The Nook Tablet isn't the only Barnes and Noble news today. The Nook Simple Touch eReader will receive and update in the very near future which will speed up page turns by 25 percent and extend the battery life.


Barnes and Noble's battery life evaluations have always been tricky, but before they said that if you read for 30 minutes a day, at a pace of a page per minute, the battery life would last two months (with wi-fi off). Now they say it will last for two months if you read an hour a day (provided all the other variables remain constant). [Barnes and Noble]

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I'll try this out when I get home, but the Nook Touch only did a full refresh every 6 pages or so so flips were mostly instantaneous, or as close as e-ink can come. I wonder if the speed improvement is in the 5 in 6 or the 1 in 6.

As for the battery, did they actually change anything in the device or just how they rate it? Twice the time but half the page flips or something like that. I read quite a bit and I've never come close to the two month time,more like two weeks. That's still the longest lasting gadget I have, so meh.