Even though customers who pre-ordered the Nook Tablet aren't supposed to start receiving deliveries until Friday, the new Nook has already been spotted in the wild a whole two days early, and people who pre-ordered can expect deliveries early as well.


Barnes and Noble is shipping its 7-inch tablet into the world early—just like Amazon did with the Kindle Fire earlier this week. So where has the Nook Tablet been seen? Engadget was able to purchase the Nook Tablet at a B&N yesterday afternoon. There's a chance your local Barnes has it now, so if you were planning to buy the Nook Tablet in person it's time to start freaking out. So much for pre-orders, right? Well, not exactly. Barnes and Noble told CNET that pre-orders should begin to arrive today orders today. Oh happy day. [Engadget and CNET via The Verge]

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