Santa is already in action in Asia and Europe. Where is he exactly? NORAD will tell you on this lovely Christmas Eve.

What does it do?

Shows you where on the annual gift delivering quest ol' St. Nick and his eight reindeer are.


Why do we like it?

Because it's totally fun, kids love it, and Santa is totally real, obviously. NORAD has famously been tracking Santa since 1955, when Sears ad a Colorado Springs newspaper mistakenly listed the agency's number as a direct line to Santa himself. But NORAD went with it, and has continued the tradition ever since, even in smartphone app form. The Android and iOS apps have been around for several holidays, but the Windows Phone version is new to the party this year. No matter your platform, you and your kiddos can obsessively follow the fatman as he makes his way to your own chimney.

NORAD Tracks Santa

Download this app for:

The Best:

Find Santa

The Worst:

Only one night a year


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