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North Korea Announces Ban on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter

Image by AP
Image by AP

North Korea’s Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications has officially announced that it’s now blocking Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and South Korean websites.


The Associated Press reports that the restrictions will make it harder than ever for visitors and foreign residents—who until now have been able to use the internet with few restrictions—to post online about what’s happening in the country. The country has banned Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and South Korean websites, along with gambling and “sex and adult” sites, “for a certain period of time.” It’s not clear what that time period is. Instagram is, however, apparently still fair game.

Most of the population of North Korea won’t notice much difference, though, because unrestricted internet connections for local residents are rare in the country. All most people see is a country-wide intranet, which only provides access to state-sanctioned content.



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Please use Oxford commas. “Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter” and “Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and South Korean websites”.