North Korea Now Attacking US Government Sites, Sources Say

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Since North Korea's unreliable "Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles" are still far from hitting the US, Kim Jong Il's hacker hordes are now attacking US government web sites. At least, according to the South Korea Information Security Agency.


If the information is true, North Korean hackers launched an offensive using denial of service attacks against the Treasury Department, Secret Service, Federal Trade Commission, and Transportation Department's web sites, which were down at some points during July 4 and this week. These attacks have been confirmed by US officials, although the origin hasn't been clarified by the US government yet.

The hackers simultaneously attacked South Korea's government sites too, including the Blue House—the equivalent to the White House—and the Defense Ministry. The South Koreans are claiming that the DoD attacks used 12,000 zombie PCs in Korea, and 8,000 in other parts of the world.

Can I say these guys are fucking bunch of morons? Oh wait, I did already. [Yahoo News]


I feel so roan-rey. Hey guys, hack the South's Brue House, would you?