If you're looking for something more in your touchscreen table computer than theMicrosoft Surface or Rosie, Northrop Grumman is showing off the TouchTable next week at a conference in London. The device, something that has been used in the defense sector for several years now, is what they call an "integrated collaboration environment," or much sexier, ICE. The TouchTable display lets you move your hand across the table, shift images sideways, zoom out, zoom in—in other words, think of a war-planning table as built by Apple.


There are two versions of the TouchTable, one is a 45-inch screen with 1920x1080 resolution and the other one is an 84-inch screen with 1600x1200 resolution—the latter also includes dual external displays. The table has already been bought by the FAA to install in their "Cyber Security Incident Response Center." It's also going to be used by CNN's Wolf Blitzer in The Situation Room. I'm not sure how much this thing costs, but I'd guess that you'd pretty much have to be a James Bond villain to afford it. [Northrop Grumman via Crave]