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Norton Fighter, Symantec's Awesome Japanese Ad Mascot, is Back

You may have seen the first Japanese Norton 360 commercial featuring the Ultraman-esque Norton Fighter mascot a few months back. Now, Symantec has made what amounts to a full-length tokusatsu episode featuring the guy, and man is it great.


While the first go-round pretty much looked like a few dudes running around Tokyo with a Handycam, this new release's production value has upped considerably—complete with faux-vintage film grain look and a kickin' soundtrack. We've also got a cute maid from a maid cafe, spam puns, an evil botnet named Botlas and a stunning Akihabara nerd attack! I won't ruin the rest for you—check out part two below. My hat's off to whoever Symantec is using for this ad campaign. Bravo. Now if only their software was as svelte as the yellow-suited future ninja they have advertising it.

[via Japan Probe]

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That was surprisingly awesome.

It almost made me forget what bloated, invasive software it is to USE IN REAL LIFE!

A few years ago or more Norton was the thing to have, now I use freeware alternatives, as do my family and friends, and no one has had any trouble.

Stuff still gets by Norton sometimes too.

I will however, gladly lie about this to that girl if I'm ever face to face with her, so back me up when the time comes.