Norwegian Government Temporarily Run Using an iPad

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Apparently a delayed or canceled flight isn't an excuse for the Prime Minister of Norway to take a break. As you can see, Jens Stoltenberg continues to run his country from the comfort of an airport lounge. Using an iPad.

No, really. That's what press secretary Sindre Fossum Beyer supposedly described as happening while the Prime Minister sat stranded at an airport:

Jens Stoltenberg, who was in the United States for President Obama's nuclear summit, is running the Norwegian government from the U.S. via his new iPad.


Geez. And here I felt productive for writing a Gizmodo post on my iPad. [CNNThanks, Stephen!]

Picture by Statsministerens kontor

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Ok, all you Apple haters can kindly STFU.. can your little netbooks, N1s, Pre or Droids run a friggin' country? Didn't think so.

From fart apps to running countries - I'd say the iPhone OS has officially won.