Not Even Adding A Cape Could Make These "Retro" DC Toys Better

Frequent Toybox readers will probably have surmised at this point that a good cape on an action figure can make me interested. Mainly because I enjoy the simple things in life, but also because nothing beats a lovely, swooshy cape. Alas, not even a cape can make me become a fan of these DC retro figures.

Yes, Kotobukiya’s line of 8” Retro figure statues, based on the classic Kenner DC Super Powers toy line of the 80’s, with Batman and Robin. And while the last figures we saw in the line were still bizarrely pointless, these two come with one added feature: wonderful fabric capes, all swooshy and whatnot.


But as lovely and swooshy as said capes are, they still don’t change the fact that this line continues to be one of the most baffling attempts to get into the Retro toy revival that’s currently sweeping the collectors market. as I said with Flash and Green Lantern, I’d be much more amenable if these actually had the limited articulation you think they have at first glance — at least then they’d be slightly larger toys you could pose, just like the old ones. But instead the articulation is just sculpted on to a statue. People who want statues have to make do with weird articulation lines over their statue, people who want figures are stuck with something that’s decidedly an inaction figure instead.

Still if you feel the nostalgic warmth in your heart for the Super Powers line, these figurines will be out in November, for $30 apiece.



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