Illustration for article titled Notebook Makers iWant/i Intel to Delay Superfast Nehalem Mobile Chips

Here's another severe warping of the spacetime continuum caused by the financiapocalypse: Notebook makers want Intel to delay its crazyfast Nehalem-based mobile CPUs and chipsets. In other words, they want notebooks to be slower, longer.


The Calpella platform is scheduled for launch in July or August, just like Montevina (aka Centrino 2) did earlier this year. But, because the Centrino 2 notebooks haven't sold like hotcakes or any other kind of delicious breakfast pastry thanks to the economy and netbooks, notebook makers want more time to dump inventory. So, they want to see Calpella and its Nehalem CPUs (aka Core i7 on the desktops) in October instead of the summer, meaning you've got a wait another few months to get your hands on all the zoomzoom power of Nehalem in a notebook. Laaaame. [Digitimes, Image: Flickr/yomi955]

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