Notion Ink's Tablet Named Adam, Will Be Birthed In June

The curvaceous, sexy tablet from Notion Ink has some serious gender issues, as the company has named it "Adam." It'll still be the first tablet to use a Pixel Qi screen, Notion Ink's hoping, despite its June release date.


The specs haven't changed much since we first saw it a few weeks ago, with the long battery life being touted by Notion Ink's founder Rohan Shravan:

"We are the only ones to use Pixel Qi screens for Tablet technology. It consumes one-tenth of the battery compared with conventional LCDs"

A price point of $325 sounds very attractive, though I wouldn't be at all surprised if it's pushed north of that sum, considering the amount of spec crammed within that Android-powered body. [Electronista, pics via Slashgear]

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